“Baking Perfection”

     She would catch a glimpse of him everyday in the gym as she strolled by on her way to work. He was built like a tiger on steroids and had the looks of a Siberian husky prepared for a dog show. However, he had this intensity about him, an attitude of a criminal, always demanding like a drill sergeant, no sense of kindness like a child that was physically abused by his dad growing up and the language of a sailor that was lost at sea for years. He was a cold-hearted, barbarous, remorseless and iron fisted man.

     This guy had all the looks she dreamed of in a boyfriend. She didn’t see a flaw in his appearance, but she saw that beneath his skin flaws ran through his very visible veins. She knew he could be changed, but didn’t know how just yet.

     That evening after work and seeing him in the gym pound another guy in the ring having no mercy towards his feeble body. She decided maybe he just needed to be shown love. This meant it was time to do what she does best…BAKE!

“Love, Sweat & Tears”

     Sweating like a woman working hard in her garden on the most humid day and tears sledding down her cheeks as she watches a romantic movie while baking peanut butter cookies. She sat on the sofa to catch her breath while the cookies were in the oven.

     The timer had been going off for about 5 minutes. She had fallen asleep on the sofa and nearly burnt the sweet treats. Pulling them out the oven really fast she could see that these weren’t soft cookies. These peanut butter treats were crispy, so crispy that they were perfect for dunking in milk because they wouldn’t get soggy and fall apart.

     After placing the cookies on a nicely painted plate, wrapping the plate in foil and placing the dish in a small picnic basket it was time to deliver.

“Who Left This Basket”

     She snuck in the gym while he was showering after finishing his last training session to leave the cookies for him. She placed the basket of treats in his gym locker then ran out and began to walk home. Before she could reach the end of the street she could hear a crash and crumble in the street. Turning around to that sound and the guy yelling “who left this basket”, she ran the rest of the way home in tears. She didn’t stick around long enough to see the action that followed.

     He froze in his steps at the door after tossing the basket. His facial expression changed. He went from anger to feeling bad for destroying a nice gesture. Was this him showing a more caring emotion? He slowly trotted out to the street with his head down and began to pick up the cookies. Out of guilt he ate one of the treats from the street when he noticed there was a name and number written on the broken plate. He put it together like a puzzle.

“Heart Shaped Cookie”

     It had been 4 days since she walked past the gym. She would rather take the long way to and from work.

     He sat at home in front of the phone then he made the call. Could he be calling to apologize or was he calling because everything she wanted in a man behind the appearance was now a part of him? That love, sweat and tears was put into baking those cookies. By him taking a bite did it really make him a better man? Did it change him and was he finally the dream boyfriend she deserved?



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